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Compliance & Ethics

Company policies

Are you planning to process precious metals or their alloys?

If so, we can certainly help you.

We see ourselves as a solution provider in all areas that relate to precious metals. Our customers benefit from this: our service begins with comprehensive advice together with competitive conditions and is complemented by training, marketing and financial services. In order to ensure this quality, we are supported by a broad pool of producers. These producers carry our extensive product range and enable our high degree of product availability. Naturally, we cultivate long-term and cooperative partnerships with these companies.

As an independent subsidiary of the Johnson Matthey group – a major player in the precious metal sector – we attach great importance to the extremely solid financing of our activities. Of no less importance to us is compliance – the upholding of ethical standards. These standards are partly set by ourselves. Many of them exceed the legal provisions.

Our products originate primarily from ISO-certified suppliers from Europe and North America.

Compliance & Ethics

Ethical behaviour is a fundamental principle of our business.

The excellent reputation of Johnson Matthey, which is based on integrity, has been a cornerstone of the company ever since it was founded by Percival Norton Johnson in 1817. Due to this integrity, customers can trust that the company’s products meet the required standards. It is also the prerequisite for allowing their own precious metal to be processed by Johnson Matthey and to leave it in our safekeeping. The employees of Johnson Matthey are committed at all levels of the company to protecting this reputation of integrity.

The fundamental principles of the group are defined in the guidelines of business integrity and ethics, which are also safeguarded by corporate governance procedures and overseen by the Johnson Matthey Plc board and its committees. Moreover, the guidelines for the ethical and sustainable sourcing of the group offer clear guidance on various topics, relating to the selection of suppliers, regular checks on standards and ethical behaviour towards suppliers. We strictly adhere to the general guidelines of the Johnson Matthey group and to the guidelines for sustainability and governance.

We feel obliged to integrate ethical and human rights as well as social and ecological issues in our day-to-day operations. This concerns both our company planning as well as our decision-making procedures. We support the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the conventions of the International Labour Office, including the conventions relating to child labour, forced labour, non-discrimination and collective bargaining.


We comply with Swiss legislation and fulfil its safety, health and environmental provisions. Regular audits are carried out in numerous sectors. Internal procedures cover all aspects of our activity, from personnel management to complex commercial procedures.

Johnson Matthey & Brandenberger AG is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).