Responsible Jewellery
Council (RJC)

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

Johnson Matthey & Brandenberger AG is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The RJC, founded in 2005, is an organisation that sets standards in order to promote responsible, ethical, human rights, social and ecological practices in the overall supply chain for jewellery that contains gold, silver, platinum group metals and diamonds. The RJC has developed a benchmark standard for the jewellery supply chain and trustworthy mechanisms to check responsible business practices by examinations through third parties. As an RJC member we commit ourselves to operate our company in accordance with the RJC code of conduct. We commit ourselves to integrate ethical, human rights, social and ecological points of view in our daily operations, and decision-making processes.



The RJC Code of Practice (CoP) certifies that we act sustainably and that the products throughout our supply chain originate from conflict-free raw materials.



The standards of the RJC members include:

  • Responsible supply chains and human rights
  • Labour law and working conditions
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Diamonds, gold- and platinum group metals, and the mining sector


Certification is granted by accredited, external auditors, who check compliance with the code of conduct.