Sustainability &
Social engagement

Sustainable Management 2025

Inspiring Science – Enhancing Life

We want to continue to further develop our successes in the field of Corporate Social responsibility. As a Swiss subsidiary of Johnson Matthey we are pleased to work towards the set goals.

Further information can be found under: Inspiring science | Johnson Matthey


Our sustainability framework and our goals

After the success of our programme “Sustainability 2017” we have renewed our engagement. For this purpose new goals have been set, which support our commercial ambitions and will guide us up to 2025.

The goals help us to continue to concentrate on our processes and practices, but also to reflect the broader external contribution that we can achieve – in our supply chains, through our products and in our communities.

Further information can be found under: Our sustainability framework and goals | Johnson Matthey


Reports on our social engagement

As early as 2001, we began using a corresponding sum for charitable purposes,
rather than customer gifts.
With this annual contribution, we have been able to support World Vision Switzerland with projects for many years.
In 2022, we decided to evaluate new projects and will now, certainly for at least 3 years, support the Wunderlampe Foundation and Pro Natura.

Wunderlampe Foundation

The Wunderlampe Foundation was founded in 2001 as a socially committed organization, which fulfills the heart’s desires of seriously ill, injured or disabled children or young adults. and in some justified, exceptional cases, also for adults.
With these measures, the Wunderlampe Foundation aims to bring variety, light and hope into the everyday lives of those affected.
(Wikipedia source reference for the Wunderlampe Foundation

Pro Natura

Pro Natura is the oldest nature conservation organization in Switzerland.We love nature, defend its interests, and give it a strong voice.The natural diversity of animals, plants and habitats must be preserved and promoted!
(Pro Natura source reference
We are especially happy about this commitment, since „forest cleaning volunteering assignments” have already taken us to beautiful areas of Switzerland. Johnson Matthey provides employees with up to 2 working days per year for volunteering.

Promoting Sustainable Management

We are investing in the following six key areas that are oriented toward our vision and contribute to the sustainable development of communities. They are:

  • Mathematics, Engineering, Natural sciences and Technology (MINT)
  • Improved health and nutrition
  • Education of disadvantaged persons
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Development of the local communities
  • Catastrophes and emergency help

We have also undertaken to step up our work within the local communities by means of the volunteer programme of JM as one of the sustainable company goals 2025.


JM has approximately 15000 employees worldwide. Together we can do a lot of good. Thus, JM offers its employees two paid days per year to carry out voluntary work.

Understanding our role

We devote time and money to our company’s and the community investment strategy. We desire a clear vision of how we can most effectively invest our money, our time and our know-how in the development of real and long-term outcomes. We desire a change, not only in those areas in which we invest, but also culturally in our own business world. This is why JM supports innumerable charitable projects worldwide in order to further this change.

Reintegration of disabled people

As a company we already support disability insurance with a project of reintegration into the workplace. We feel it is important to help people with temporary health problems and to enable them to find a way back into professional life.

This happens without any state intervention. With this in mind, we provide not only a contribution to the restructuring of the disability insurance, but also to the social support in our country. We all profit from both.