Recycling -
Jewellery & Watches

Since 1817 the recovery of precious metals is one of the core competencies of Johnson Matthey. Our reputation has been forged due to our expertise and know-how of platinum group metals.

For more than 40 years we have been able to successfully accompany and serve clients in the jewellery and watch industries.

Be it filings, old gold or residues, we recycle your waste material by using the newest techniques and guarantee a high rate of recovery.

Collection containers
We provide you free of charge with collection containers and labels for the different types of waste.

We organise the pickup and transport of light weights and small volumes by post.

Greater weights and larger volumes are picked up free of charge by JMB from one of your locations.

Each waste material is handled separately and not mixed with third-party waste material. This enables us to guarantee direct ownership and a transparent procedure.

Processing time
The average time for refining is 10-15 working days, depending on the conditions and metal content. We would be pleased to advise you beforehand concerning your personal waste.

As a result of the separate treatment we can guarantee a flawless and exact invoicing for the refining.

Feedback into the precious metal loop – process
At the end of the refining process the analysed metals are credited to your precious metal account with us. A physical collection of products/semi-finished products is possible at all times from our stock. Precious metals are directly subtracted from your metals account, unless stated otherwise.

Metal may be sold at the daily rate. Transfers to a third party are always possible. Any resulting transfer costs will be invoiced to you directly.

Meltable materials (recyclable waste)

  • Recyclable dental waste
  • Filings and old jewellery
  • Hollowware and flatware

Unmeltable materials (sweepings/ash)

  • Cleaning cloths/rags
  • ​Polishing waste

Unmeltable materials (wet chemical processing)

  • Jewellery waste with stone recovery
  • Platinum /Palladium /Rhodium-containing waste
  • ​Steel waste that contains precious metals

The above list of recyclable material that we receive and process is not exhaustive. On request, we will gladly examine the possibility to process precious metal-containing raw materials not listed above.

All delivered materials must be free of other substances, such as cadmium, mercury and/or arsenic.



Prior to delivering the recyclable waste, clients shall inform Johnson Matthey & Brandenberger AG of any possible contamination with prohibited substances.