Recycling - 
Metal Joining

For more than half a century we have been able to successfully advise and support customers from the most diverse industry segments.

In addition to sales, we are of course also concerned with the correct manner of recycling. Whether solder and stamping waste, contact parts or anodes, we recycle your waste using the latest methods and guarantee you a high recovery rate.

Transporting the waste
The waste can be delivered to us or we can have it collected.

All waste is handled in a batch-related manner and not mixed with other waste. Direct ownership is guaranteed.

How long does it take
For the treatment of the waste, depending on the type and quantity, approx. 20 working days are needed. Do you need advice?

Refining Accounts
The separate processing guarantees a flawless and accurate statement for refining.

Compensation for the recovered precious metals
After the refining is complete, you may choose how to proceed e.g. to utilise the metals:

  • Credit note on your precious metal account with us. Use it for the procurement of new products
  • Purchase by us at the current daily price

Meltable materials (scrap)

  • Punching scraps and contact parts
  • Anodes and Targets

Non-meltable materials (sweepings/ash)

  • Powder/paste leftovers

Non-meltable materials (wet chemical processing)

  • Electroplating waste
  • Copper/brass/bronze waste containing precious metals

The above list of the scrap that we accept and process is not final. On request we would be pleased to examine the possibility of processing precious metal-containing raw materials that are not listed above.

All materials supplied must be free of other substances, such as cadmium, mercury and/or arsenic.

Prior to delivering the scrap, customers agree to give Johnson Matthey & Brandenberger AG all information regarding possible contamination with non-approved substances.