Base Metal
Brazing Filler Metals

JM Bronze™

JM Bronze ™ solders are specialty products that have been developed for high temperature brazing of steel and carbide components. The alloys that contain products such as nickel and / or manganese have an improved wettability for tungsten carbides.

C Bronze™ has good gap filling behaviour (0.025 to 0.75 mm) and offers excellent resistance to interfacial corrosion when used with ferritic or austenitic stainless steels. Due to the manganese content an oven atmosphere with a dew point of <-40 °C is necessary. An argon partial pressure is absolutely necessary for vacuum soldering. F Bronze™ is used to braze rock drill bits. It shows good wetting, high strength and allows the drill shaft to be simultaneously heat treated during the soldering process. For induction brazing under an ambient atmosphere Tenacity no. 125™ is used as the flux.