Silver/Copper Phosphorus
Brazing Filler Metals

Sil-fos™ & Copper-flo™

Sil-fos™ brazing alloys are used for flux-free brazing of copper on copper. If used to solder copper alloys such as brass, bronze, nickel silver, and aluminum bronze, a compatible flux must be used. Sil-fos™ has the best ductility of the phosphorus-containing silver-copper solders. Sil-fos™ 6 has the best flow properties, but is less ductile. Sil-fos™ 5 offers the best combination between good flow properties and high ductility.

Copper-flo™ brazing alloys are recommended for flux-free brazing of copper. They have a lower ductility than the silver-containing phosphorus solders.